Each day at lunch, we have a silly dress up theme! We hope you will join us in this fun and dress up! Our counselors, staff, teachers and volunteers are all encouraged to join in the fun! Look at the Dress up Themes for a 1 week session and a 2 week session here. Go gather things from home or do a little shopping at Good Will or go all out and make your costumes. Be sure to check out the final evening Banquet Theme as well. Some come dressed in theme outfits while others wear casual Sunday attire to the evening banquet.


[button url=”http://campbluehaven.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Special-days-2017-One-Week.pdf” color=”blue” size=”large”]1 Week Special Events[/button]

[button url=”http://campbluehaven.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Special-days-2017-Two-Week.pdf” color=”blue” size=”large”]2 Week Special Events[/button]

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January 15th @ 9 PM CST

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1st Session - June 3-9
2nd Session - June 10-22
3rd Session - June 24-30
4th Session - July 1-13
5th Session - July 15-21
6th Session - July 22-Aug 3
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