Q: I am over 18 and have finished at least my first year of college. Which staff positions may I apply for?

A: Permanent staff positions for which you may apply are counselor, cook, dish room manager, challenge course staff, or garbalogist. (A garbalogist is a person who disposes of refuse.) You may apply for as many positions as you like.

You may also apply for pot washer or grounds assistant, however these positions are by session only and not permanent staff positions.


Q: I am over 16 and a high school student or high school graduate. Which staff positions may I apply for?

A: You may apply to serve as a pot washer and/or grounds assistant for a session.


Q: I am an adult. Which staff positions may I apply for?

A: You may apply to serve as a Bible teacher or camp nurse or volunteer in Kitchen and on Grounds.


Q: May I bring my own car to camp?

A: Yes, you may. However, we request you do not plan to use your car unless you have cleared your request with the director.


Q: Will I stay at Blue Haven all summer?

A: It depends on your position. Permanent staff members – counselors, cooks, the dish room manager, challenge course staff, and the garbalogist (trash man) – will stay all summer. They are required to be at camp a week before campers arrive and stay through the end of 6th session.

Pot washers, grounds assistants, teachers, and the camp nurse will stay just for the session(s) in which they are serving. Arrival time is on the Sunday the session begins.


Q: Will I get paid to work at Blue Haven?

A: Some positions are paid, while others are not. Permanent staff members – counselors, challenge course staff, dish room manager, cooks, and garbalogist – receive pay. High school and college age pot washers and grounds assistants, though they are not permanent staff, also receive pay. Other temporary staff members such as teachers and camp nurse do not receive pay. All staff positions receive free room and board for the duration of their service.


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