Q: What will I do at camp?

A: Every camper will attend Bible classes, chapel, worship services, and devotionals, as well as using low ropes elements, focusing on spiritual applications with their Bible class. Campers also participate in cookouts, sleep outs, talent shows, and cabin challenges. Campers will participate in half-day hikes and two-week campers will also participate in an all-day hike on the Friday midway through the session. Optional recreation will include fishing, nature hike, sports, handicrafts, archery and air riflery. We have an extensive ropes facility, including a “giant swing” and a zip line, administered by trained and licensed staff. Campers are required to assist with daily chores and dish washing. Our motto is “you don’t have to, you get to”.

For a complete daily schedule, click here

All activities are supervised.


Q: What do they sell in the trading post?

We sell water bottles, soft drinks, juice, candy, chips, beef jerky, souvenirs, T-shirts, fishing bait, sweatshirts, flashlights, blankets, toiletries, and more!


Q: Can I send/receive mail at camp?

Yes! As a cabin activity, campers will write a letter home on the second day of camp. Campers are also welcome to write additional letters as often as they wish.

Campers can also receive mail . Please DO NOT send any food… It attracts the wildlife to the cabins!! Allow 4-5 days for letters to reach their destinations. Address letters in the following way:

Camp Blue Haven
“Camper’s Name” Session #____
62 Camp South Street
Las Vegas, NM 87701


Q: Will I be able to call home during camp?

A: Campers will not be allowed to call home except for emergencies or to receive baptism permission.

Cell phones are strictly prohibited at camp and will be locked up during the session. They will be returned to campers at the end of the session.


Q: What do I need to bring with me? 

A: For the most up to date information, Please check out our Packing Guidelines


Q: What items are prohibited at Camp Blue Haven?

A: For the most up to date information, Please check out our Packing Guidelines


Q: Will I be able to do laundry at camp?

A: Two-week campers will have a portion of their clothes washed for them halfway through the session at no cost. One-week campers will not be able to do laundry.


Q: Can I bring my fishing gear to camp?

A: Yes! Fishing in our trout-stocked ponds is a favorite activity during recreation periods. You may bring your own gear, or buy or rent fishing equipment. If you bring your own gear, please make sure your pole and tackle box have your name on them.


Q: Can I leave camp early?

A: Campers should attend the entire session. It is disruptive to cabin unity and the camping experience to come late or leave early. Notify us prior to your session if there are extenuating circumstances.

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