Michael and Jan McCoy

Michael (Director) and Jan (Secretary) McCoy joined Blue Haven’s permanent staff in 2006. Both Michael and Jan camped at Blue Haven in their youth. Michael served as a youth minister from 1995-2005. The family anticipated their annual trip to 1st session at Camp Blue Haven each summer with their youth group. Zane, an LCU student, was a 1st session, 9-year camper and worked on the Ropes Course during his youth. Zane was the Ropes Course assistant (‘13-14) and a counselor in (‘15-16). Ben, an LCU student, was a 1st session, 9-year camper and worked on grounds and maintenance in his youth. Kylee (high school senior) will be a 10-year camper and has worked with the precamper class and has served as the Trading Post Assistant since 2014. The McCoys live in Early, Texas. During the off season, Michael coordinates and manages the details for the next summer of camp which includes the hiring of permanent staff, organization of session staff and curriculum. Jan is an RN and currently works in recruitment for an Associate Degree Nursing Program. Jan manages camper registration throughout the year and works in the office during the summer months.

Note from the Director:

“I grew up hearing stories about the origins of Blue Haven from my dad, Burl McCoy. He accompanied Pop Farley the first summer of camp and served as his head counselor, singing instructor, pot scrubber, bridge builder and whatever else Pop could think of (according to Dad)! That was the summer of 1957, the start of Christian camping at Blue Haven. Today, young people still have the opportunity to learn more about God in this beautiful mountain setting. My family and I look forward to meeting you at Camp this summer!”


Chad and Lesley Montandon

Chad (Assistant Director) and Lesley (Secretary/Photographer) Montandon joined Blue Haven’s permanent staff in 2010. The Montandons fill many roles outside of the designated jobs they have at camp including making preparations for the summer staff, photographing and videoing campers/events throughout the summer, and mentoring our college age staff. They each came to Camp Blue Haven in the mid-’90s as campers. Chad was a 4th session camper and Lesley camped 2nd session. The two met the summer of 2000 working in the kitchen as pot washers and kitchen help. Lesley was a cook in 2001, and Chad and Lesley were both counselors in 2002. They got engaged at camp the summer of 2003 and married in 2004. From 2006-09, Chad and Lesley worked as either camp nurse or Bible class teachers at both 3rd and 4th sessions. The Montandons also own a cabin in the Blue Canyon. The Montandons live in Lubbock, Texas. Chad in an RN. He has a masters degree in nursing and also has a bachelors degree in Adventure Education. He works at UMC in Lubbock. Lesley stays at home with their children Ezra and Ivy and is a consultant for Jamberry Nails. Throughout the year, they minister to college kids in Lubbock.


Joey and Emily Meyers

The Myers Family joined Blue Haven’s permanent staff in 2012. Joey and Emily both coordinate low ropes events for Bible classes and provide great spiritual application for these groups. Emily is also our resident social worker. Joey and Emily focus on mentorship with our college age staff and provide encouragement to our entire staff on a daily basis. Joey and Emily Myers are no strangers to CBH and Christian camping. Emily began her time with Blue Haven as a 4th session camper in the ‘90s and later served as a cook in 1998. Joey began his Blue Haven experience when he and Emily taught 4th session in 2010. Joey’s camp experience growing up was at Camp Wyldewood in Searcy, Arkansas. The Myers live in Searcy, Arkansas. Joey is a craftsman and builds staircases and Emily is the Residence Life Coordinator in Armstrong Hall at Harding University. They minister on Harding’s campus and elsewhere throughout the year. The Myers have 5 daughters: Riley, Josey, Lucy, Norah and June.


Wayland and Kandis Dobbs

Wayland and Kandis joined Blue Haven’s permanent staff in 2008. Wayland began as a Challenge Course Assistant in 2007 and became the Challenge Course Manager in 2010. He continues to serve as the Challenge Course Manager throughout the year, facilitating ropes events for retreats. Kandis has worked in the office, Trading Post and as the Gopher the summers of 2007-09. She began working in the office as the office bookkeeper in 2010. She also helps Jan with many of the preparations throughout the year for the upcoming summer camp. The Dobbs’ children, Trey and Kasey, were both long time 1st session campers. Kasey served on staff as a ropes course assistant (’07-’09) and a counselor (’10). When not at camp, Wayland and Kandis live in Cherokee, Texas, where they farm and ranch, weld, and enjoy being grandparents.


Gary and Judy Turnbough

Gary and Judy Turnbough joined Blue Haven’s permanent staff in 2010 as the Blue Haven Caretakers. They live at camp throughout the off season and host the retreats, oversee building projects and maintain the camp facilities. They are no strangers to Blue Haven either! Both Gary and Judy were campers at Blue Haven. Gary counseled in 1972 and taught a Bible class the summer of 1976. Judy was a counselor in 1972 and 1974 and taught a Bible class the summer of 1975. Judy’s parents, Pat and Obie Lee were Blue Haven Caretakers from 1974-82 and then returned to be the camp caretakers again from 1987-90. Gary and Judy worked as counselors during the years Judy’s parents were the caretakers and Gary proposed to Judy in the Caretaker’s Cabin (which was, in more recent years, the Director’s Cabin and was torn down the fall of 2015). They were married in 1976 at Blue Haven where the “Lower Pavilion” now sits down by the creek. Gary and Judy raised their 2 children, Jim and LeeAnna, in the Brownfield/ Denver City, Texas area. Both of the kids were campers and LeeAnna was a counselor for 2 years. Gary worked for the USPS for 25 years, the last 11 of which he was the Postmaster of Denver City. He retired from the USPS in 2009. Judy retired from the Texas School System with 29 years of service in May of 2010. The Turnboughs also own a cabin in the Blue Canyon. During the summer months when camp is in session, the Turnboughs spend some of their time in camp working with the staff and some of their time traveling to see family.

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