At Camp Blue Haven, every camper will have the opportunity for a safe and uplifting camping experience.

A fun-filled, spiritually charged adventure is better facilitated when campers know their boundaries. Most importantly, all campers will be treated, and in turn should treat others in a Christ-like manner.

The following list of policies will be included in each camper's packet to be reviewed, signed and returned.

1. Campers must be good stewards of camp buildings and grounds.

2. Campers will not leave the camp without the permission of the Camp director.

3. Boys are not to be in the girls’ cabin area, and girls are not to be in the boys’ cabin area. Campers will not visit staff cabins without permission.

4. Campers must stay out of the creek and ponds in unsupervised situations. Throwing of campers or staff members into the creek or ponds at any time for any reason is not allowed.

5. Throwing objects into the ponds, streams or irrigation ditches is prohibited. To protect the safety of everyone at camp, campers will not throw rocks at any time, or for any reason.

6. During trading post time, candy, soft drinks and other sweets must stay in the immediate trading post vicinity. All trash, drink cans and wrappers should be placed in the proper waste receptacles.

7. Because the primary focus of Camp Blue Haven is the spiritual growth of campers, campers and single staff members will refrain from hand-holding or dating for the duration of each session.

8. Campers should not be visited by peers while camp is in session.

9. Telephones are for staff and teacher use only.

10. No sandals, flip flops (except to the shower house), tank-tops, mini-skirts, or tight or low cut tops, shirts that show midriff, short skirts, pants worn too low at the waist, shorts (except in an individual’s cabin), clothing displaying un-Christlike designs, slogans or images. Due to the physical demands of our hiking and challenge course programs, and the cold nature of our evening temperatures, shorts and sandals are not permitted at camp. A camper may be asked to change if inappropriate clothes are worn.

11. Vulgar, profane, or hurtful language or gestures will not be tolerated.

12. Campers’ personal vehicles must be parked in the parking lot and the keys turned into the office for the duration of the session.

13. Campers should not have the following items out and in use during the session: cell phones, tablets, electronic games, electric guitars, radios, stereos, CD, DVD, iPod or mp3 players. Camp Blue Haven will not be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items.

Cell phones are strictly prohibited and will be locked up for the duration of the session.

14. Lighters, firearms, fireworks, knives (yes, even pocket knives!), compound bows and other such weapons are strictly prohibited.

15. Possession or use of alcohol, tobacco in any form, illegal drugs, and / or drug paraphernalia is absolutely prohibited. The abuse of any controlled substance, including prescriptions or over-the-counter drugs will not be tolerated. A zero-tolerance policy for this rule will be enforced. Those who break this rule will be sent home at the parent’s expense immediately and without refund.

The Camp Blue Haven Board of Directors and Administration have enacted these rules to ensure the best Blue Haven experience possible.