2021 Session Dates


ARRIVAL: Campers should arrive at camp between 2:00-4:00 PM, MDT on Sunday to register. Please do NOT
arrive prior to 2:00 PM, MDT. Sunday morning worship is not open to the public.

DEPARTURE: Campers should be picked up no later than 9:00 AM, MDT on Saturday. *Please be considerate
of the arrival and departure as this schedule allows a very short window for camp cleanup and staff rest.

1st week: June 6-12 – 1st session High School (9th – graduates)

2nd week: June 13-19 – 1st & 2nd sessions 5th-8th grade

3rd week: June 20-26 – 2nd session High School (9th – graduates)

4th week: June 27-July 3 – 3rd session High School (9th – graduates)

5th week: July 4-10 – 3rd & 4th sessions 5th-8th grade

6th week: July 11-17 – 4th session High School (9th – graduates)

7th week: July 18-24 – 5th session High School (9th – graduates)

8th week: July 25-31 – 5th & 6th sessions 5th-8th grade

9th week: Aug 1-7 – 6th session High School (9th – graduates)

2021 Session Dates & Cost
June 6-12 (Highschool)
June 13-19 (5th-8th Grade)
June 20-26 (Highschool)
June 27-July 3 (Highschool)
July 4-10 (5th-8th Grade)

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July 11-17 (Highschool)
July 18-24 (Highschool)
July 25-31 (5th-8th Grade)
Aug 1-7 (Highschool)

All 2021 Sessions are $250

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Registration & Grades
January 1st @ Midnight CST - 14th
for returning campers

January 15th @ 9 PM CST
for new campers

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Sessions are available for campers going into the 5th grade through the year they graduate from high school

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