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campfire marshmallow


Fun in the great outdoors while you cook your own meal in a meadow or among the trees on the side of a mountain.


A rewarding experience to sleep under the stars after an inspiring devotional around the campfire.

Talent Shows 

Everyone gets an opportunity to show their talent at these fun sessions for campers and staff alike.


Blue Haven is surrounded by National Forest. Hiking in the surrounding area allows our campers to see God’s beauty while interacting with each other. One week campers hike 2 half days. Two week campers hike 2 half days and 1 full day.

Chapel Services 

Led by the men counselors and their campers each morning.

Morning Devotionals 

Each new day is greeted with Bible reading, songs and prayer before breakfast.

Campfire Services

Each Sunday evening and the last evening of each session, an outdoor service is conducted at the lakeside campfire site.


Two Bible classes and one music class are enjoyed by each camper daily.

Lord’s Day Worship 

While camp is in session a well planned worship is conducted at the Pioneer Chapel (barn) each Sunday morning.

Cabin Devotionals

Counselors conduct devotionals each night in their cabin or on sleep-outs.

Blue Haven Players

Each session an evening program is devoted to “Blue Haven Players,” quick dramatizations by our staff with spiritual messages. Usually, discussions in small groups will be based on the points of the ideas presented. Application to individual lives is stressed.

Evening Worship Times

Hidden Worship involves hiking up the hill to a “secret” place and worshiping together under the open sky canopied by trees and stars. Early Christian Worship imitates the worship of first century Christians hiding in the catacombs. Sometimes evening worship is “in the barn”, “at the lakes”, or at “Crowe’s Roost” with a view of Hermit’s Peak in the distance. Most evening worship activities begin about 8:00pm.


Campers may participate in the recreational activity of their choice. The options include Nature Hike, Fishing, Air Riflery, Archery, Handicrafts, and a variety of sports including basketball, volleyball, tetherball, nuke’em, Frisbee, soccer, etc.

Challenge Course

We have a low ropes course that is facilitated by trained staff during the Bible class times or a later scheduled time for many of our campers.We also have several elements that fall in the category of high ropes. These are all facilitated by certified staff and are open to campers in cabin groups during scheduled times. They include a climbing tower with a zip line, a giant swing, and a “Leap of Faith.