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Michael and Jan McCoy

Michael (DIRECTOR) and Jan (SECRETARY) McCoy joined Blue Haven’s permanent staff in 2006. Both Michael and Jan camped at Blue Haven in their youth. Michael served as a youth minister from 1995 – 2005 bringing the family and youth group to 1 st session at Camp Blue Haven each summer. They have three children who have seemingly grown up at camp and were 1 st session campers for 9 or 10 years. Zane , an LCU education graduate , worked on the Challenge Course in his youth , served as a Challenge Course assistant ‘ 13 – 14, Counselor ‘15 – 18 and a Bible Class Teacher ’19. Ben, an LCU student, worked on grounds and maintenance in his youth and served as the Dishroom Manager ’18. Kylee, an LCU student, worked with the precamper class in her youth, served as the Trading Po st Assistant ’14 – 17 and Challenge Course assistant ‘18. The McCoys live in Early, Texas. During the off season, Michael coordinates and manages the details for the next summer of camp which includes the hiring of permanent staff, organization of session st aff and curriculum. Jan manages camper registration throughout the year and works in the office during the summer months.

Note from the Director:

“I grew up hearing stories about the origins of Blue Haven from my dad, Burl McCoy. He accompanied Pop Farley the first summer of camp and served as his head counselor, singing instructor, pot scrubber, bridge builder and whatever else Pop could think of (according to Dad)! That was the summer of 1957, the start of Christian camping at Blue Haven. Today, young people still have the opportunity to learn more about God in this beautiful mountain setting. My family and I look forward to meeting you at Camp this summer!”

Jason and Kristen Blankenship

Jason (ASSISTANT DIRECTOR) and Kristen Blankenship (KITCHEN MANAGER) joined Blue Haven’s permanent staff in 2018.They served as 3rd session teachers from 2012-17 and 5th session from 2010-11. Jason, a 9 yr camper and Counselor in 1993-94, currently serves on the Blue Haven Board. The Blankenships live in Jayton, Texas where Jason coaches girls’ basketball and Kristen works as an adoption counselor. They have three children, all of whom are 3rd session campers. Ben works with his dad and helps on grounds/maintenance. Hannah & Emily work in and around the Dining Hall with their mom.

Joey and Emily Myers

Joey and Emily Myers (CHALLENGE COURSE) joined Blue Haven’s permanent staff in 2012. They coordinate low ropes’ events at the Challenge Course for Bible classes providing great spiritual application for these groups. Joey also works on the high ropes’ elements of the Challenge Course. They additionally focus on mentorship with our college age staff and provide encouragement to our entire staff on a daily basis. Joey began his Blue Haven experience when he and Emily taught 4th session in 2010. Joey’s camp experience growing up was at Camp Wyldewood in Searcy, Arkansas. Emily, a 4th session camper in the ‘90s and a cook in 1998, is our resident social worker. The Myers live in Searcy, Arkansas. Joey is a craftsman and builds staircases and Emily is the Residence Life Coordinator in Armstrong Hall at Harding University. The Myers have 5 daughters. Riley is a 4th session camper, has helped with the precamper class and the Trading Post and is currently serving as the Trading Post Assistant ’18-20. Josey, a 4th session camper, is currently serving at the Challenge Course ’18-20. Lucy, a 4th session camper, has managed the “Arts & Crafts” recreation area since 2018. Norah and June are tenured precampers and help camp in all sorts of ways.

Eric and Kylie Lyons

Eric and Kylie Lyons (Challenge Course) are joining Blue Haven’s permanent staff in the summer of 2022. Eric was a 4th-session camper, counselor in 2002 and 2003, and Bible class teacher from 2017 to 2021. Kylie was a 4th- and 6th-session camper, a cook in 2002, counselor in 2003 and 2004, and Bible class teacher from 2017 to 2021. Eric and Kylie have two sons: Joah, 8, who is a pre-camper and a fixture on the basketball court and in the gaga pit; and Coen, 5, also a pre-camper and camp treasure-hunter. The Lyons reside in Oklahoma City, where Eric is a high school art educator and photographer. Kylie is a high school counselor and school psychologist. In their free time, the Lyons enjoy traveling, spending time outdoors, and playing sports.

Wes Walker

Wes Walker (MEDIA) is joining Blue Haven’s permanent staff in 2020. Last summer, Wes was added to the team and ran media throughout the summer. He was a 1st session camper and a counselor from 2012-2014. Wes lives in Bryan, Texas where he works as a photographer and designer at Tall View Productions. During his free time, Wes enjoys traveling, camping, hiking, and taking photos.

Jarrod and Twyla Lucero

Jarrod and Twyla Lucero (CARETAKER) joined Blue Haven’s permanent staff in late 2019. They live on camp property year-round maintaining facilities and overseeing future building projects. Jarrod, a long time/multisession camper, met Twyla at camp. The Luceros have four children who have all been 6th session campers. Collin worked as Challenge Course Assistant in 2019 and is currently living in Farmington, NM. Dylan worked as Assistant to the Caretaker the summers of 2018 and 2019. Collin and Dylan have spent many days working with the Caretaker over the past four years. Kaely has filled in as the Trading Post Assistant when needed during the 2018-19 seasons. Cameron is anxious to be more involved in camp life in the future. Jarrod’s family has a long history with Blue Haven. He has lived most of his life in Las Vegas, NM and remembers coming out to camp numerous times throughout his life to visit or help previous caretakers. His father, Steve, has served on the Blue Haven Board for many years and his mother, Lesley, has maintained relationships with many camp staff members and cabin owners over the years. Jarrod and his three brothers have worked in various roles from youth and to the present, including assisting the caretaker, Challenge Course assistant, counselor, Bible class teacher, and camp nurse. Jarrod and his family left New Mexico in 2005 to spend time in Colorado and Iowa, then God brought them back to Las Vegas in 2014. They believe that God has a plan for them and that He opened and closed doors leading them back to the area. They truly feel that God called them to this position to serve the Camp Blue Haven Family.